Frontier Gateway Museum is historical in content beginning with prehistoric times continuing into the 21st century. It includes seven buildings on an acre of land.  

Major displays in the main building include fossils, Native American artifacts, homesteaders, cattlemen, settlers, and railroad.

Replicas of 16th and 17th century armor used for fighting in tournaments and jousts.  

This fire chain, which was once owned by Pierre wibaux,  was dragged across the prairie to help put out wild fires. 

the main floor:   

*dress display

*military uniforms

*1895 piano

*musical display

*sewing display


THE Basement:

Merrill West , a re-creation of early Glendive stores with names of some of the earliest shops in Glendive, including the Glendive Times, the Bee Hive Store (with a large orignial cash register), the Douglas Meed general store and the ladies' ready -to-wear, Kepp Boertsch Co.  There is also a telephone exhibit and a mounted animal display.